Rules to Living Healthy as a Roofer – What You Must Know!

Being a roofing contractor, Can at times be very hard on your health. Spending Hundreds of hours every month on top of the roofs trying to struggle and wrestle with levers and gutters can take toll on your body. I am going to outline here how one can roof like a roofer but still be healthy!

Of all the herbal reviews and articles I have written on health benefits and side effects- garcinia has impressed me a lot (Aloevera comes the second). There is nothing one can ever ask from nature if it offers herbal value to mankind.

A native of Asia, Africa, Australia and Polynesia, the garcinia belongs to the family Clusiaceae. Many species pf this plant are facing extinction due to the destruction faced from mankind. The fruits of these are a food source for several insects like mammoths and butterflies, and are mostly seen growing in large numbers in eastern Asia. The trees are evergreen bearing delicious fruits that not only attract animals and insects, but mankind too. The fruit looks like a berry with a hard shell like structure protecting the fleshy fruit inside. The fruit inside is white in color and completely edible. Depending upon the locality, the color of the fruits differs. While some regions witness a red color fruit, regions like eastern Asia witness purple or lemon yellow color.

Experts suggest amino acids supplements for building and repairing muscle when on a weight training plan. Apart from the fruit, the extract of this fruit is used as spices in some nations. One of the interesting and amusing facts is that the garnicia is used to flavor the popular soups in Vietnam. Garnicia goes by the name hất điᝁu màu in Vietnam. Some of the extracts from this family are used as spices in South Eastern Asia, particularly, Kerala.

Special Leaves a Roofer should Consume

The species of garcinia are known to produce a brownish-yellow gum resin, which can be used as a pigment. The extract of certain species are considered as appetite reducers which suppresses and reduces appetite and food consumption, causing considerable weight loss. Research has been going on in these areas and less is known about its effect on appetite when consumed in normal levels. Some researches show that increased consumption of garcinia above a certain level may lead to Acidosis, an increased acidity in blood and other tissues due to the increase of hydrogen ion concentration. The hydroxycitric acid present in these fruits might even destroy the testicles after prolonged use. In some parts of Western Africa, the stems of garnicia are used as mouth fresheners and also as teeth cleaners.

Effects of Garnicia and being on top of your Construction Game

Several studies and researches hare being conducted on different species of garnicia to know about their health benefits and side effects. While certain species are known to exhibit health benefits, certain species are also known to exhibit side effects along with health benefits. Before you purchase any product of garnicia, it is highly recommended to consult your family doctor or physician whether to intake this product or not.